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 you have been stolen at the bar`s at San Carlos?watch up!!

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PostSubject: you have been stolen at the bar`s at San Carlos?watch up!!    Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:51 pm

If you have been stolen in San carlos give me a phone call i can help you
im the human rights defender
and if you ever have this situation just call me or write here what happen to you
not all of the people is that way here
and not all of the owners are the assholes
we all care of you and this sis no rights San Carlos lives thanks to all of you who support the bars and the hotels and we welcome you here i have the channel of the justice here
and i have the way to help you just call me or write me here
this happen to me recently on the bar them oepn my pourse and stole 50 dlls out of there
just right in front everybody so is better even you are woman or man is better be carefull when you go out be sure the waittres not be close any of you or the bartender`s
please Americans and Mexicans watch up!!!!
people is more rude every day but we do care about you
thsi happen fortever in San carlos but is time to change that cause many of them are married or have a relationship whit many of the owners and them think them God
and blame the inocent`s like the do whit Jesus
it is time to changue that shit
im here to help you
Martha Pèrez my email adress is
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you have been stolen at the bar`s at San Carlos?watch up!!
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