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 My friend Fernando Mixteco baby on my birthday

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PostSubject: My friend Fernando Mixteco baby on my birthday    Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:40 pm

i have a big surprise when i see them back and i very happy and i was on the bus whit my kids
and there was Fernando the Mixteco baby who now speak english thanks to a congress man sweet friend of mine, Fernando come to me last year and he said is that true you help people ? and i answer yes and he said can you help me? i say tell how can i help you and he said can you find a boo for me so i can speak english?? and i answer is all you want? he said yes
he broke my heart and i said of course i will do that for you!!
he come back this year from Oaxaca and i saw he and hes family on the bus and he said is that true is your birthday? i said yes ok he said pick something you like and i said what? what i said he answer
God he make me cry and he give another present to my son wife just right there in front everyone
as thanks cause my Son Felipe give a food to he
that make me feel really God Fernando Mixteco Kid sweet child of mine
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My friend Fernando Mixteco baby on my birthday
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