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 Dont paid taxes

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PostSubject: Dont paid taxes   Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:44 am

Please Dont paid taxes anymore
the things went worse the ever now
the bad people who was in Hermosillo by the estate Gouberment
now is in twon so them not gona use your taxes to fix San Carlos San Jose or Guaymas becasue them not care about us
you guys people american or Mexicans or wearever you come from
you can hire a lawyer he will explain you then make a paper work and sue the guberment
asoking for more the 40 millions of pesos the Guillermo padres elias and hes poeple have been stolen to us and never use on our twon or any place in Sonora state
so please as i said dont paid taxes anymore
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Dont paid taxes
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