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 Criminals still coming everyday

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PostSubject: Criminals still coming everyday    Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:51 am

Donald Trump is worry and said that criminals go there everyday
yes maybe, but he didnt see all of the criminals who come to our twon everyday
here criminals still coming everyday!!!
them no care to try to abuse of us or our people or our visitors!
all them thing is them are superior class of people and that mess whit the really good people who come to our twon americans or Canadian or wearever them come from the good people is sick and tired of all of this
so please Usa dont send that criminals to us because even the american citizens canadians or wearever them come from they are on big troubble because of all of this criminals
lets pray somebody listen to Us i mean i already send letter by my guberment
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Criminals still coming everyday
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