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 The bad weather a sign of......

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PostSubject: The bad weather a sign of......   Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:48 pm

you all guys know why we have a bad weather like never on this town?
and all over the world
i start to tell this everybody from last 10 yeras ago and nobody listen
is the problem we have whit our world temperature i mean we mess whit our planet and second a planet head to us right now so we should expect worse trust me but jurst watch up this

New Nasa South Pole Telescope Images of Nibiru Planet X 2012

also you go to this:
Crying or Very sad

scary isn´t? buts is true people watch ˇˇˇˇcheck it out of the sky,trust me things go worse soon,
i will keep my faith in god till now to forever and you??

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The bad weather a sign of......
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