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 the sound of the silence rain who take away everthing...

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PostSubject: the sound of the silence rain who take away everthing...   Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:59 pm

last rain here in Guaymas it was too sad we have a terribble time around the city
i have been doing volunteer for more then two days now fist on the emergency room
and leater the houses who lost everthing them tell me was 5 no ladys and gentleman on just last palmas area it was 30 familys who lost everthing   
you must be there to understand what i say here i have been feed more then 50 people just in onw block fro two days and brekfast and lunch or dinner some of that food my neighboord on my area send that to them and places like campanita company or abarrotera chicago who send 100 pocket of soup
i will come back tomorrow and feed them again i will ask my neighboord again
i pray god them help again some how.
but now those people who live on los sauces north street by las palmas area
and i mean this them lost everthing  
is 30 familys whitout nothing   no clothes no stove no nothingonly the ghosts dancing around them
them need everybody help
i belive and also god. Crying or Very sad

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the sound of the silence rain who take away everthing...
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