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 SanCarlos Haves don't care about the havenots

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PostSubject: SanCarlos Haves don't care about the havenots   Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:39 pm

People like Bobby and cochi are to be pitied. Bobby's Karma has been tailing him for years now. His wet studio is only the tip of the iceberg that is keeping him awake at night. . Poor Bobby. Thirty families in Guaymas without a pot to pee in and Poor panyboy Bobby Shalen moans of his lost sleep. And cochi has only hate in his heart..the hate of goodness. How dare he persecute a precious and giving lady who only wants to help those that need it. San Carlos doesn't need the likes of drugy types Bobby and cochi are. San Carlos karma is darkening more and more every day. Created through corruption, matured on drugs, and today protected by the Viva board sickos. You reap what you sow pantyboy Bobby. I hope your crop keeps you up at night from now on. Lucky Bucky lives on in heaven to remind all that you are a true useless piece of feces and you make everyone who you come in contact with feel dirty through association. Baca.Martinez,Ordaz, Senior Don Rafeal, Hammer...they are all corrupt and will corrupt SanCarlos as they have for years.
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SanCarlos Haves don't care about the havenots
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