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 Do You Communicate To Those On The Other Side?

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PostSubject: Do You Communicate To Those On The Other Side?   Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:58 pm

Charlie passed a year before Inez his second wife. Denny was my best friend since fourth grade and the son of Charlie. Denny and I lost contact for several years and hooked back up in our thirties. We lost contact again about five years after both Charlie and Inez had passed. Charlie and Inez had treated me like family and it wasn't unusual for me and Denny to cook ourselves burgers in their kitchen I had a bad habit when frying my burgers. I would use a lid to catch the grease drips while I moved the cooked burger from the pan to my bun. This always resulted in the lid being dripped on and the burger we cooked had a lot of fat. On more than one occasion, Inez would mention the mess I had made yet she never directed her dissatisfaction towards me directly as she never saw me in the act. Therefore I never apologized to her and always had this guilt like a cloud over my head when around Inez. Call me sensitive....Any how I hadn't been in contact with my friend Denny for about five years. I was frying a burger in my kitchen and I used a lid to catch the dripping grease like I had done as a child in Inez's kitchen. I was alone by the way. I am known to chat with the other side BTW..I asked Charlie how was it going. I told him his family was like my second family. I also asked him to tell Inez that I apologize for my messing her pan lids with my burger grease. I also told Charlie I hadn't heard from Denny for several years. Of course I didn't get a response. Maybe an hour went by and my phone rang. I answered and it was my friend Denny. He told me he had looked up my number through the operator and called to say Hay! True story. affraid
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Do You Communicate To Those On The Other Side?
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