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 how sad what happen to USA.....

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PostSubject: how sad what happen to USA.....   Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:46 pm

I belive the real problem is
when we start to belive we are the best of the world and we dont care and we abuse of everthing and we dont care about our own people there is a big problem!!! Sad
cause is like when you walk away of home and you dont care what happen on your own house is a hute problem there, the problem is we have to start whit our house, i was in USA and i saw the pain of the citizens
as the walker im i like to talk to the others and see what happen to them ,and what i find over there no matter what americans suffer so much over there and over here too, they have to keep paid and paid and paid and i start to wonder where the money go?? who knows ?
i think they never recover of this i pray for USA and they people cause that will hurt a lot!!! Sad
feel sorry for the really nice USA citizens i meet ....
and the people on pain noiw..... Sad
i belive just pray for them...

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how sad what happen to USA.....
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