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 what mawi say is true

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PostSubject: what mawi say is true   Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:35 pm

what this user say is true
my son and mi daughter when my mother is close to come home them can feel it since them was a babys
them say grandma grandma and she appear quickly
by the way my mom dont live here
is magic but is true
i belive what this user say cause my grandma always know when somebody come soon or somebody die or some a new baby and all of my kids have that special feelings on them
i belive we all are special we just need know how to use it
somehow we all busy doing i dont know what
reader the see inside to US
MAWIE i belive you affraid when my frind gary had an accident before i know so my heart feel terribble and i tel a friend of mine some friend of mine is sick and i gona have a abd news
by the way a friend of mine call me and say hey your amigo Gary is at the hospital he have a car accident
is weird but is true Sad have a good day everyone

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what mawi say is true
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