Here we are to explain you how to live happy here
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 people all of you man and womans watch up....

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PostSubject: people all of you man and womans watch up....   Sun Aug 10, 2008 4:46 pm

this is true so be carefull
a lot of young foreing guys and girls decide to come here and stole things
even when you got out of the bank or supermarket no matter what
them also stole cars and walets recently them jump off to a lady and hurt her just on the middle of the city
and hurts her really bad just at middle of day
wich is really bad watch up the news and everthing and check it out
many of the guys and girls coime down here on stolen cars
must of them are in drugs so please be carefull or try to go out on couples i no kidding you people
take care of yourselves cause things here going really bad and i mean that
dont say i no tell you people
have a good afternoon everybody
peace and love
to all of you and keep open your eyes
Guaymas start to be danger so stay out of troubble and of bad people

Admin affraid
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people all of you man and womans watch up....
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