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 What happen in San Carlos...

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PostSubject: What happen in San Carlos...   Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:54 pm

What happen in San Carlos?
and all over around .....the city´s, small town.
beach, and no matter where you go.
is the same.
What happen is the envy, the rudennes, the unhappy people, the discosting people who hate each other
mess around and around and around
and the point is ,that is the people who everybody listen! the people who supose to have them own bring and them own feelings, them are the followers of the bad people whit a bad feelings,whit the heart full of envy rudnnes and unhappines, and that is the point , on my case i always seat and and watch around and around im quiet and let it be by i observe very close about what happen,
and this is what i saw! the good people can even listen a good people cause right the way a losser come on the back of the shoulders of a good person and gvie a weird sign Twisted Evil or evil
and thegood people just walk away whitout meet a nice person who probably could help them on the future, and this is what happen in San Carlos and everywhere you go!!
even it sound stupid it is stupid!! we dont know how to be happy or how to be a good friend or even worse
how to make a new good friends !!! because we the followers!!! we follow the bad people!! and is it!!
and them loss a good chances to have a good friends over here as i said, i read a bad book awhile ago and i have a good idea, i will write a book soon but in both lenguages, so everybody enjoy it, i have a really good God father`s arounds so that will be easy for me to do that just please people i no want nobody cry for what i gona said there...
have a great time here and Welcome to the paradise!of San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas Sonora México and trust me if any evil Evil or Very Mad person come behind of someones shoulders you talk whit , to kick that person out of your way ,99 perecent of the time them the evils do that ,is cause you talk whit the best person you can ever meet around the place you visit and them envy you or jaleous of you or jaleous of the other person them are losser and them you to be one, them not lvoe you or care of you or want to save you of nothing them are just evils Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil just look around...
for now have fun

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What happen in San Carlos...
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