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 what is the solution of that??

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what is the solution of that?? Empty
PostSubject: what is the solution of that??   what is the solution of that?? I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2008 7:46 pm

Do you ever ask your self why everthing is worse every day?
do you ever ask your self why your life is so full of nothing?
do you ever ask your self why if the life keep going whit the amazing technology over and over and over
more and more stronger and amazing will never change?
answer : the answer is USĦĦĦĦ yes it is
why we have to put our noise into the neighboord life why??
why we have to keep hate over and over and over people who never was rude to us?
or people who no matter what... keep help the others why we hate them??
why we cant be happy just only when we hurt somebody? why?
the solutions is we have to be quiet and if we dont help we should not hurts nobody
we should not take an action to people who never mess whit us
i belive if we dedicate our lifes to take care to ourselves then we start try to undertsand the others and try to love them no matter what.
Then our world will change if we have compassion to people who just dont mess whit us or people who dont even know we all exist and people then all the need is help and love
then everthing will change right the way
but i belive we dont even care to ourselves because most of us we dont even care about us
and that is the point We should understand about the propose of god is love each others care each others
and take care each others that is the solution no matter what....
if we dont care now and never this is why is so painfull....
i belive Crying or Very sad

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what is the solution of that??
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