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 people on need and people who help....

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people on need and people who help.... Empty
PostSubject: people on need and people who help....   people on need and people who help.... I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2008 8:01 pm

Crying or Very sad Yes ladys and gentlemans even nobody put this on the news every day just in las palmas area we have more then 65 familys who lost everthing just thereĦĦĦĦĦ
but al voer the city we have 20 thousand people who have a lots of problem in homesome of them lost everthing some of them part of them homes, and who knows when the help is coming??
nobody knows but people in las palmas where i have been doing work for many days, them lost everthingĦĦĦĦ one of the guys is work in marina terra and one of the guys wich i help he work whit mike at captains club,name carlos, i so sorry if some oe was rude to wende i dont care if some one was rude to me
cause as i say here we all are the judges of the judges and we decide to judge the other and point them whit our clean hands and fingers cause we are the best no matter whatĦĦĦĦ
we decide not to talk or know and meet the person we are judge for because WE ARE PERFECTSĦĦĦ so i dontc are what the people say about me here or anywhere in san carlos cause im not frustred like them i love my people who love me here no matter what, so di ontc are abotu people who belive them can point me at all and i hope this is clear for EVERYBODYĦĦĦĦ
now i cant belive how can someone is rude to a sweet woman like wende who had donations from americans and mexican for her eye surgery then SHE GIVE THE MONEY AWAY TO THE MEXICANS IN LAS PALMAS BUYING FOOD FOR THEMĦĦĦĦĦĦ then she cook and bring the food fro them whit me she was there whit the peopleĦĦĦĦĦ
no matter what all of you guys, mans or womans, judges of the pèople say WENDE WAS THEREĦĦĦ on the disaster area ĦĦĦĦ
byu the way people judges and no judges if you want to help just drive to guayams norte or fatima or el rastro or las palmas
and then give your help if you want itĦĦĦĦ if you not.....
thje ebst thing you all can do judges of this planet honest people is or seat and have fun, and be quiet and have a drink,
or just dont say horribble things about the helpersĦĦĦĦ
because we need helpers more then judgesĦĦĦĦ my people need help right nowĦĦĦĦ
and the people who help those people on need was.....
my amazing beuatifull wonderfull dissabled people like wendeĦĦĦĦĦ everybody got itĦĦĦĦ my helpers is the people i help,
so if all of you judges no want to help dont help.
But please just let the others help.
To the ones who already help Thanks a lot people of god,
to the ones who dont help but dont say nothing and dont mess to us thanks a lotĦĦĦĦ you guys help better then the ones who decide to be my judge or my helpers judge.
this gona be on my board too in case somebody dont like it
but i belive im the most clear woman am i clear nowĦĦĦ
thank you .....


the humans womans or mans life should not be messured by the times them seat or walk,or ahev sex, them should be messured by the times them take care of the others ....

you my judge can i ask you a question? how many people you help today or last year??? or your entire life??? and who tell you you can be my judge??or wende judge? geek i think you hate everthing on your life.....

my web site

see yaĦĦĦĦ

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people on need and people who help....
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