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 San carlos adn guaymas why will never change??

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San carlos adn guaymas why will never change?? Empty
PostSubject: San carlos adn guaymas why will never change??   San carlos adn guaymas why will never change?? I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 30, 2008 10:58 pm

Sad Do you ever ask your self why Guaymas and san carlos is mess??
This is some true history
Today while I was doing volunteer I take care an American citizen woman and she say her Mexican friend and her American husband was at her home then she start to talk bad about me and my sweet friend say why you hate her?
And she say cause we heard she is crazy and my friend ask her do you ever talk to her? And she said no never. And my friend ask do you ever meet her and she say no never
So how do you know she is crazy? Anshe and her husband say cause we heard about it?
And my friend ask them so im crazy and everybody crazy cause your friends so so??
Give me a brake!!!
Is sad but true history….
This is a good one
I come into a restaurant where they all belive they are the best of the world include the waitress no matter what themselves are , that mean them are not the ebst of the world but them belive so , them all belive they are the best part of god and god pute them all here to decide wich one is who and that is sad but true.
My American friend who was rip off by American citizen man which police searching for in USA note U-S-A police search for wich the owner of the restaurant hide no matter what I mean is real and true most of the people we have here are criminals and is true !!! is true!!! Anyway this amerrican citizen woman keep the BBQ of this restaurant cause the American citizen man wish not even paid the rent to her just run away !!!
And why this ending whit me? For the destiny!! By the way I bring that abck top t5he restaurant owner and she just stand just in front everybody and kcik me out of her restaurant cause she belive she can do that!!! Whit out explanateion nop matter what!!!
This is not the ending she treat me horrible terrible and I say I no want to stay here cause I don’t care to be here at all!! I just bring stuff is yours but I no want to be here !!
Now the problem is in san carlos and guaymas only the druggy dealers and druggy people is welcome to the bars and restaurants like that no matter what!!!
That is why our place never change !!! and the workers cause them many of them like those restaurant people are frustrated and want to give all of them hate to every one who not even know them and is true!!! No matter how?, them want who them like hate out of every place !!! the mexicans and Americans who come here and belive them owe our country them are the best of the world and the criminals who keep run and around our precious san carlos belive them all can point us whit them clean perfect finger full of gold !!! and no doubt about it!! Many American citizen in san carlos don’t have life and them all want to hurts us and talk and kill us whit them perfect precius tonge cause them all perfect!! So we are less the nothing we wich are not criminal wich is not part of druggy dealers wich not even use any drugs we are the worse!!! Cause them say so if them have nothing to say about us them invent something!! Cause them want to be sure the people who go to san carlos is just what them decide top go there!!
also we have no vacation people for the same reason them all tiiiiiired about it !!! to hear the same old stuff
if this is no true
Why you guys belive we don’t have people come here??
This place will never change and will be worse and worse and worse and for sure that boat who come here it gona left to Puerto peñasco for sure im the master who know this city cause im from here and trust me the things will be worse but just because US AND IS TRUE US IS THE KEY FOR FIX THIS……
Think about it…..
And don’t give me wrong people I mean the real people on peace, cause this is not for you people is just for people which is part of this bad stuff wich ios around our precius place belive me we stock forever….
We not come restaurant and bars to waitress and owners love us we come there to have food and drinks and is it !!! when you all of you guys got it!!! Things will be change
Instead that the things will be worse and worse for sure.
And just keep the druggy dealer and druggy people on they place on the name of god do it!!! Right now people drink and drive and do everthing in drugs!!!! And is no doubt about it……..

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San carlos adn guaymas why will never change??
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