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 My history of why im "A" Diva

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My history of why im "A" Diva Empty
PostSubject: My history of why im "A" Diva   My history of why im "A" Diva I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2008 3:38 pm

Diva name is not "A Joke"
im very good singer no matter what people say and do more work then every singer in san carlos
incluide mark mulling
cause i start 25 years ago in Guaymas and hermosillo City
help the people whit my music
and the gouberment m ake money out of me
to the take care of very poor people every where in hermosillo and the sonoran indians in Guaymas i start by 6 to 8 years old on the catholic church , then also the chucrch make money out of me whit my show of course whit my parents permit and mine, to give what the poor people need then 9 years old in many shows of DIF in Guaymas wich them make money out of me too cause them charge for the shows too, i Become from amazing muscizian in town wich is my granpa name Luis Perez(RIP) who was director of the orchrest name Los Clasicos 70 by the way my father name Luis Perez and my uncle's name pilili Perez,Rafael Perez (RIP) Antonio Perez,Picho Perez(RIP), Yayo Perez, Agustin Perez, wich them son's and daughters play on Mariachis now,and on bands like Playa Azul wich Mario Perez son of Antonio Perez is the first trumpet also is the first trumpet of mariachis, also Gabriel Perez wich is son of Rafael Perez(RIP),is the one of the best drumer on Guaymas he play on hes own band name Los Incognitos but the one wich is one of the best guitar players now is Gabriel Perez Junior hes son who have hes own band now, he play in san carlos and Guaymas too, also director of the City band name Juan de Dios Perez son of Picho Perez (RIP) he have hes own band hes own mariachi and hes is teacher and director of the band, and play on the catholic church too and do charity as i do, the one next gona be t5he day 15 of november for a boy who is very sick on hes band by cancer on the blood, and all of hes band do charity whit me for DIF too,
on myc ase i9 play whit my own band on the restaurant name Mezquite, and also in MAI-tai by my self and whit my badn Guitarras blancas, also i play in Ranas Ranas whit my band name famy boys, wich a really good muscizians and i change the name of Guitarras blancas wich one of the Utopia band members who start to be a muscizian whit me they call winkler or charol who is the guitar player, the dummer of paradise bar name mario or mosca was on the same band and the guitar player name Mario of the same band the band of chuy the ebst singer in san carlos i belive, and the guy name Cesar at the band of espuma now was my guitar player and bass, also George hes brother so all of them play whit me before trhem play by themselves in San Carlos, i sing in Marina Terra, Mezquite, Ranas Ranas, Tequilas, San Carlos Plaza,Froggy's only one time and then the restaurnat below hawains before it is what it is now, and in Paradise bar too, as you see people i have a big record but many muscizian then you love now was part of my life and my band,now the waitress in san carlos call me Madonna and Maria Felix or Lady Di or Selena wich i dont like it i say my name is Martha Perez daughter of Luis Perez Junior they say but you do a lot of work for other that make you bigger a bigger singer!!! but i tell them id o from my heart!!! stoped my name is Martha Perez and them say but you sing in many palces and you traveling a lot like them Do!!! so they start toc all me Diva then when Selena Maria felix and Lady di die them say you see Martha??you are the only onw Diva so on the radio station when i do the charity for DIF them like that nickname and start toc all me Martha Perez "A" Diva is that clear your answer mr Bert??? clear??
and also i want to clear this every charity show i paid to my band for that ,no one on my band do for free on those shows except me cause them need money ,so i paid whit my own money incluide the Nafra band wich im apreciate them all help anyway ,also also the Family band wich is a good one who i also paid them paid for the charity work cause is very hard work what them do so them all get paid from my own money to all shows except Giacoman Band, Salhens and Juan de Dios Perez, and Mark Mulligan,and the rest of the singers in town who have a great history too,on the charity show, the Big Bands like Nafra Band and La Familia need to get paid cause is a lot of job move all of them instruments and bring them to play for 3 days in town on diference places and bring them back to san carlos and play in night too, at the same days, and i apreciate them all help too, so as you see people on God's heart and hands...
is not just for joke where my nickname come that clear for everybody ??if someone have a bigger history cool
but this is my own history all i know then
my name go to the heaven warever you people like it or not,
Lady di die, Maria Felix Die,Selena Die but me Martha Perez Diva God left me here on this world for some reason i dont know why,??
is that make me bigger or a Diva or nobody who knows ??wearever you people like or not this is me....
have a great day.....


Bert God bless you amigo...take care...
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My history of why im "A" Diva
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