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 Why we so rude?? Video

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Why we so rude?? Video Empty
PostSubject: Why we so rude?? Video   Why we so rude?? Video I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 16, 2009 3:04 pm

many times we believe we not deserve what happen to US
but what happen when an inocent say im inocent im inocent!! and we all keep quiet and laught at them?
reader then help them eve we know that person very well and we know is not a teafth??
or criminal? why we protect the others even we know them are criminals??
just because we hate the others??
why? in Mexico we said as always the just paid for the the poeple who comite a sin

o pagan justos por pecadores and is true
we really believe we not deserve what happen tp US when we point the womans and call them a prostitutes??? or we call criminal to people who is inocent? we really believe we can hurt everyone on the world because because because ???
we really blelieve we are something else on this world to point whit our perfect finger because we are perfect?
look at this video and think about again every time you want to point some one
and be rude to them!!! think about this two times before you did it.....check this video out in youtube please...

Huracan Jimena en Guaymas y San Carlos Nvo Guaymas y Empalme y el Racismo!!!

Sad poor Guaymas but all i knos the only way to fix it is whit the poor people and whit those poor womans we call names every day cause we decide to be rude every day of our lives reader then just enjoy the sunset........
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Why we so rude?? Video
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