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 the new Tsunami comes...

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the new Tsunami comes... Empty
PostSubject: the new Tsunami comes...   the new Tsunami comes... I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 10, 2010 2:45 pm

i cant believe this
people said on the tv the news and opn the radio station then the tsunami comes yesterday
and people went to the hill in Guaymas!! cause many of them believe it!!for Christ!
people please be smart!
so if someone said Jesus come back tomorrow will you believe it!??
or you just trow that information if so
why is more easy believe a Tsunami comes then Jesus come back?
this is sick i guess!!
people get a life!!
and real!!!
our entire world is sick and the reporters are sick too
how can someone said that on national news after
the big storm last year people still hurts about it
them all sick and them make our people sick too!!!
please news people get real!!
our indians down to Sonora State is closed to die cause the oviachi water container is over full
and that is real ! our city autorities was there takin care of people ! and no one of us pray for it!
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the new Tsunami comes...
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